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Innovative IoT solutions for the storage and supply of drugs and medical devices


Fixed and mobile Smart Carts, Smart Drawers and Smart Cabinets A wide range of accessories

Full control
- Traceability of material (auto-id: RFId, barcode), operators identification (fingerprints, smartcard, NFC), electronic lock/unlock.
- Load & unload process guided by light, easy to use.
- Fast and accurate operations.

Real-time Inventory
- Real-time accounting, control of the minimum stock, avoid wastes and stock-outs.

Stand alone systems
- Each device can work offline, does not necessarily require network connection or integration.

Integration capabilities
- Each device can be controlled and interrogated remotely via web browser or via machine to machine connection (webservices).


A complete integrated solution, web-based user interface, configurable and customizable

Centralized Administration

    A single server manages the whole system, every smart cart and cabinet can be centrally managed (i.e. user list, products list).

Inventory management

Centralized control of the inventory of each storage solution, control of the minimum stock, traceability of each movement.

Integration capabilities

    Connection to the hospital order management system to enhance communication and efficiency between pharmacy and single cost centers. Webservices integration with existing ERP systems or HIS.